Acrylic Nail Monomer

EMA Monomer Liquids By NEXSTGEN


Achieving flawless acrylic nails is an art. But like all artists, nail technicians need the proper tools to create long-lasting acrylic nails. When mixed with a polymer powder, acrylic monomers react to form a workable formula that hardens when applied to the nail. At NEXSTGEN®, we have crafted superior monomers to ensure a flawless finish every time.



Selecting The Right Monomer Is Crucial

Monomer liquids impact workability, setting time, clarity, color retention, and the overall health and safety of your workspace. That’s why NEXSTGEN has meticulously developed our monomers with the professional nail technician in mind — catering to different skill levels and environmental conditions, all while upholding the highest standards of salon safety with our MMA-free, HEMA-free promise.


Monomers tailored to your expertise

Choose Your Expertise Level with NEXSTGEN®thes: From the reliable ‘Standard’ range, through the professional finesse of ‘Pro’, to the swift precision of ‘Elite’—each designed to complement your unique artistry.


        Standard                                                                                                      Pro                                                                                                        Elite



Create the perfect formula with NEXSTGEN® Polymers

Our range of polymers are designed to work with NEXSTGEN liquid monomers to create a perfect acrylic nail system with unparalleled durability. Discover our range of nail powders.


Frequently Asked Questions About Acrylic Monomers

Acrylic monomers are the liquid component in the acrylic nail application process. They are used to bond the acrylic powder to create a hard protective layer over the natural nail.

By combining liquid monomers with polymer powder, a polymerization reaction process takes place that bonds the monomer molecules together into long chains. This creates the hard, durable substance that forms the body of the acrylic nail and allows you to shape, build, and contour nails into the desired form and style.

Safety is a priority at NEXSTGEN. Our acrylic nail liquids are formulated to be safe for professional use, meeting stringent quality standards. They are 9-Free, Cruelty-Free, and MMA-Free to ensure you’re using products that are not just effective but also responsible.

Choosing the right acrylic nail liquid depends on your specific needs and proficiency. Consider set time, odor, bonding quality, and compatibility with acrylic powders. NEXSTGEN offers options for every level of expertise, from novice to pro.

A quality acrylic monomer should have excellent adhesion properties, be easy to work with, have a controlled set time, and be resistant to yellowing and cracking. NEXSTGEN monomers are formulated with these qualities in mind, offering a premium salon experience.

Preventing yellowing starts with using high-quality monomers with UV inhibitors, like those from NEXSTGEN. Additionally, proper application and aftercare, such as using top-quality sealants and avoiding prolonged exposure to UV rays, can also help maintain color clarity.

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