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For professional use only

Dual-Purpose Powder

Redefining versatility in nail enhancements, NEXSTGEN’s Dual-Purpose Powder stands unparalleled. Seamlessly melding the strengths of both dipping and sculpting powders, this singular formula brings to you the best of both worlds.

Infused with EMA monomer, this dual-wield powder ensures a swift setting paired with a rich, buttery consistency upon application. Experience unparalleled longevity and performance, whether you’re sculpting or dipping.

We offer our wholesale dual-purpose acrylic powder in clear, white, natural, and a variety of colors. All of our powders are 9-Free, Cruelty-Free, and MMA- Free. 

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  • Versatile use featuring qualities of dipping and sculpting powders
  • Superior adhesion and flow
  • Great strength, flexibility and long wear
  • Brilliantly crystal clear and non-yellowing
  • Professional curing time for sculpting

Available Shades

Acrylic Nail Products

NEXSTGen® dipping powder

Flexible yet strong this Ultra Clear formula offers even adhesion for wearability of up to three weeks.

NEXSTGEN® sculpting powder

Excellent bead pick-up providing a strong yet flexible, long wearing beautiful enhancement.

NEXSTGEN® Copolymer blend

Dual-purpose powder that works with the monomer chemistry of your choice. Strong and durable yet provides the proper flex for long term wearability.

Monomer Products

NEXSTGEN® Standard Monomer

There is no need for a bonding agent with this primerless monomer. This formula offers superior adhesion and UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing in a standard set formula.

NEXSTGEN® Pro Monomer

A medium set formula to save valuable time. It is primerless, with UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing with an added light scent to improve the salon experience.

NEXSTGEN® Elite Monomer

Our fast set formula that will save valuable time in a busy salon. Primerless with UV inhibitor to prevent yellowing and lightly scented to add to the client experience.