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For professional use only

Monomer Liquids

Step into a new age of nail enhancements with NEXSTGEN’s EMA monomer liquids. Formulated for seamless integration with our NEXSTGEN® powders, we promise a finish that’s not just beautiful, but enduring.

Key Features

  • Primerless Superior Adhesion: Say goodbye to extra steps. Our monomers ensure unparalleled adherence without the need for primers.
  • Enhanced Salon Experience: Keep your space inviting with our lower-odor monomers. The light added scent transforms the acrylic application process, ensuring comfort for both technicians and clients.
  • True Non-Yellowing Promise: UV inhibitors in our formula guard against yellowing, maintaining the pristine beauty of your work.

Tailored to Your Expertise

  • Standard: Enjoy the intuitive ease of a standard set time – an excellent choice for competitions.
  • Pro: For the adept nail technician, this offers a nuanced set time to match your expertise.
  • Elite: For the pinnacle of professionals and cooler climes, experience the rapid set time tailored for efficiency.

When paired with NEXSTGEN® powders, our monomers reveal their true magic, culminating in a radiant sheen and unmatched durability. It’s not just a bond – it’s perfection.

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We offer three formulations:

Standard – provides the ease of use found in a standard working time product.

Pro – offers a set time more suited for an experienced nail technician.

Elite – offering the fastest set time for seasoned professionals and cooler climates.

Dipping and Sculpting Powder

Dipping Powder

The finest medical grade acrylic is matched with our highly proven formula to create simply one of the finest flowing dipping powders on the market.

Sculpting Powder

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Dual-Purpose and Copolymer Blend Powder

Dual-Purpose Powder

A powerful performer, this multi-use powder is a beautiful sculpting acrylic and dipping powder in one formula. Medical grade and vegan, this EMA polymer…

Copolymer Blend Powder

Created to satisfy the most demanding monomer chemistries, our Copolymer blend acrylics go on smooth and clear producing perfect…