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Nail Acrylic Powders

Dive into the future of nail acrylics with NEXSTGEN’s Nail Acrylic Powders. Precision-engineered for brilliance and longevity, these powders are a step ahead. Discover our specialized range including Dipping Powder, Sculpting Powder, Copolymer Blend Powder, and Dual Purpose Powder.

Why NEXSTGEN® Nail Acrylic Powders?

  • Superior Quality: Manufactured with precision and expertise, ensuring every grain offers the best in class.
  • Custom Solutions: Designed for both established businesses and startups aiming to launch their brand.
  • Scalable Supply: With three factory locations, we ensure timely delivery, catering to businesses of all sizes.

When combined with our monomers, these powders elevate to new heights, delivering a lustrous finish and superior wear.  It’s not just a bond – it’s perfection. Need larger quantities or have bespoke requirements? Sign in to view pricing or contact us.


  • High clarity and excellent flow
  • Enhanced strength and flexibility
  • Superior performance and workability, no matter the skill level
  • Non-yellowing formula, even after weeks and months of wear

Available Shades

NEXSTGEN® Nail Powders

NEXSTGEN® Dipping Powder

Flexible yet strong this Ultra Clear formula offers even adhesion for wearability of up to three weeks.

NEXSTGEN® Sculpting Powder

Excellent bead pick-up providing a strong yet flexible, long wearing beautiful enhancement.

NEXSTGEN® Dual-Purpose Powder

This crystal clear polymer performs equally well as a sculpting acrylic or dipping powder with excellent adhesion and durability.

NEXSTGEN® Copolymer Blend

Dual purpose powder that works with the monomer chemistry of your choice. Strong and durable yet provides the proper flex for long term wearability.


NEXSTGEN® Standard Monomer

There is no need for a bonding agent with this primerless monomer. This formula offers superior adhesion and UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing in a standard set formula.

NEXSTGEN® Pro Monomer

A medium set formula to save valuable time. It is primerless, with UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing with an added light scent to improve the salon experience.

NEXSTGEN® Elite Monomer

Our fast set formula that will save valuable time in a busy salon. Primerless with UV inhibitor to prevent yellowing and lightly scented to add to the client experience.